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My name is Scott a.k.a. Scotthew. I like anime, Magic: the Gathering, and poker. I am flat broke, and never have any money. Damn money. Money sucks. Thats why everyone should be Canadian. 75% exchange rate for all the same stuffs. Order direct!

Site History
Well, my other three sites have been awful, and expage sucks! Mostly this site is on anime and on anime wallpapers. I really hope you enjoy them. Three of them aren't mine, but due to time constrictions... My favorite animes include:
1.) Cowboy Bebop
2.) .hack//SIGN ------------------------------>
3.) Rurouni Kenshin
4.) Trigun
5.) FLCL
Post your favorites on the guestbook~!

The World : by See-Saw
You are here alone again
In your sweet insanity
All to calm, you hide yourself from reality
Do you call it solitude? Do you call it liberty?
When all the world turns away, to leave you lonely
The feilds are filled with desires
All voices crying for freedom
But all in vain, they just fade away
There's only you to answer you, forever
In blinded mind you are singing
A glorious hallelujah
The distant flutter of angels
They're all too far, to reach for you
I am here alone again
In my sweet serenity
Hoping you will never find me in anyplace
I will call it solitude, when all my songs fade in vain
In my voice, far away to eternity

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