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Cowboy Bebop!

CLICK ON THE LINKS ABOVE!This site is my way of sharing my stuff with you. I have made a bunch of desktop wallpapers and I want everyone to be able to use them. I will also have a couple of other stuffs that you can see. My personal favorite is one of Rurouni Kenshin which will be on some page within this site when I am able to upload it.

9.11.03 : Today is a very sad day, however, I made some new wallpapers. I feel so terrible, that I only made two. Remember the Fallen!

Robber: Don't you get it, I'm gonna splatter gandma!
Grandma: Son of a Bitch!
Spike: Well that's a real shame, but we're not cops and we're not from some charity organization. Sorry lady, but we don't protect or serve, this is strictly business.

I'm just watching a bad dream I'll never wake up from.
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